Golf Club ID Name Labels


               NAME - PHONE NUMBER - EMAIL  ADDRESS                         
                 Ever left a club lying around the green or on the tee or
                           someone accidently put your club in their bag by mistake?
                         Improve your chances of getting it back with your name
                                  prominently shown on the golf shaft with ID labels displaying
                                         your phone number or email address where you can be contacted.

Our golf club labels are self adhesive, waterproof sun proof
                                 and stay on for years.  The black print on white background
                                are highly visible so can’t missed when the club is picked up.
                                          Most pretty other colors do not get the finders immediate attention
                                    Black print on white a background provides the best chance of
                                getting your clubs back.

                                                             Set of 15 golf labels for full set of clubs - $15.00                                 
                                             Free shipping in US or Canada                                          
Email information to

Golftech Canada
511 Mentmore St.
Coquitlam, BC
Canada V3J 4P5

Phone 604-931-2869